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The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) is a public organisation associating local go­vernments of the Republic of Latvia on voluntary basis. It was founded in December 1991. In accordance with the Article 96 of the law "On Self-Governments" the LALRG has authority to represent local governments in the negotiations with the Ca­binet of Ministers as the LALRG associates more than a half of all types of local governments. 41 local government of Latvia are the members of the LALRG. 

The LALRG functions as a representative, advocate and advisor of the local governments in Latvia and Europe. We contribute to the development of municipal policies, solve common problems and defend interests of local governments.

The decision-taking at the LALRG is organized on several levels. The supreme decision-making body is the Assembly of members, convened at least once a year. Usually the Assembly is convened together with the highest governing body of the Association – the Congress. In between the Congress meetings, the LALRG is governed by the Council, and the Board governs the Association in between the Council sessions.

Crucial role in developing policies and drafting opinions of the local governments is played by the permanent committees

  • Committee on Finance and Economy;

  • Committee on Education and Culture;

  • Committee on Social and Health Is­sues;

  • Committee on Regional Development and Cooperation;

  • Committee on National Economy.

The committees meet every month to discuss a wide range of issues. The Association is open    to cooperation and gets engaged in the solution of practically all issues important for local governments.

The LALRG is one of the founders of a non-governmental organization „Latvian Municipal Training Centre” which offers training for the local government politicians and employees.

The LALRG has established a company “Municipal Consultation Centre” offering following services:

  • Financial consultations, including drafting of the investment project financing model;

  • Consultations onthe available EU structural funds, elaboration of the structural funds projects;

  • Analysis of the EU funds co-financing expenses, benefits and economic impact;

  • Elaboration of feasibility studies and business plans;

  • Development of PPP projects and project documents;

  • Business assessment for the needs of the customer and the Register of the Enterprises;

  • Preparation of documentation for taking a loan.