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Latvian experts visit Kyrgyzstan and shares experience in the framework of the project

Continuing the successful cooperation with Kyrgyzstan partners, Latvian experts visited Kyrgyzstan in the framework of the project “Promotion of municipal and government cooperation and improvement of public administration in Kyrgyzstan” to transfer their experience and knowledge of Latvia's development and reform process.

On 26 August a high-level conference on the implementation of state and local government cooperation mechanisms and administrative-territorial reforms in the Republic of Latvia was held in Bishkek. The conference was attended by representatives of the Presidential and Government apparatus, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, State Civil Service, State Agency for Local and Interethnic Relations representatives of the academy, NGOs, Kyrgyzstan Association of Local Governments, representatives of the Development Policy Institute and experts. Latvian experts made recommendations on the development of a mechanism for cooperation between state and local governments with a view to establishing sustainable cooperation between local authorities and state institutions.

During the conference, participants heard about Latvia's experience in implementing administrative-territorial reform in Latvia. The chairman of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) Gints Kaminskis presented the territorial administrative division of Latvia, while the senior adviser of the LALRG Maris Pukis introduced the process, benefits and losses of the administrative territorial reform in Latvia. The secretary general of the LALRG Mudīte Priede shared experience in exchanging information with the members of the Association.

On August 27, Latvian experts visited the Amata Municipality twinning municipality, Kara-Oju, where a discussion was held on the municipal waste collection and disposal issue. The experience of Latvia was presented by Rudīte Vesere, Director of the Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. Latvian experts made recommendations on how to improve cooperation between municipalities in solving various problems, such as waste management and landfill maintenance.

The Kyrgyz government has expressed interest in Latvia's experience in waste management by developing a national policy in this area, so 20 representatives of Kyrgyz government and local authorities will come to Latvia for a study visit at the end of September.

The project “Promotion of municipal and government cooperation and improvement of public administration in Kyrgyzstan” has received financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. The project is funded by the state budget program 07.00.00 “Development Cooperation Projects and International Assistance”.

Elita Kresse,

Adviser on Foreign Affairs of the LALRG