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Happy Centenary, dear Estonians!

The Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments sends its sincerest congratulations on the centenary of  Estonia’s independence to our long-standing cooperation partners -  the Association of Estonian Cities, the Association of Rural Municipalities of Estonia, local governments and inhabitants of Estonia and also Estonians living in Latvia.

Our nations have been sharing common dreams for independent countries and have been supporting each other on our ways to free and independent states.  Also now we have a common path to go investing our energy in further growth and stability of our countries. We are pleased to note many active partnerships developing between the local governments, municipal institutions and organizations of both countries providing excellent opportunities for practical experience sharing and defending our common interests in the Baltic Sea region and Europe. We wish further prosperity to your beautiful country and its people and look forward to continuing cooperation between our associations for the benefit of local governments of both countries.

With pleasure we share with you the video created by the Latvian Institute – “…. Hand to hand. From people to people. Wishing to thank for the friendship and support, the people of Latvia delivered symbolic birthday cakes to our neighbouring countries Lithuania, Estonia and Finland as our greeting on their upcoming centenaries. By bicycles, vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, SUP boards – the journey of the cakes was filmed to be made into three "road-movies". This one is for Estonians. Palju õnne Eesti 100!” -

Happy Centenary to our closest northern neighbours!