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The good work of the thematic cooperation networks of local governments will be continued in 2019

This year's first meeting of the Board of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) on January 8, advisers of the LALRG presented achievements of thematic cooperation networks of local governments meetings and events from last year. There are five thematic cooperation networks of local governments active in LALRG – Network for housing policy; Network for social care and health care issues; Network for education issues; Network for environmental issues and Network for regional development and cooperation issues.

Network meetings are organized several times a year, when professionals from local governments are invited to look at topical issues, problems and seek solutions together with all involved institutions. Another key aspect of networking is the exchange of experience between local governments and the opportunity to collaborate on similar issues and projects.

The network system of the LALRG in addition to the committees was established already in 2013, when the Association was implementing a project “Smart Governance and Performance Improvement of Latvian Municipalities”, which was financed by Norway Grants.

The experience of the network system of the LALRG as a good practice have been popularised also internationally.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga gave high evaluation of the work with thematic cooperation networks and provided additional funding for the organization of six more network meetings. 

Thanks to all local governments for their active involvement in the work of the networks, we will continue the good work in 2019!