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Latvian local governments stand united for the independence of Ukraine

On 24 February 2022 the Board of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) took a decision to condemn Russia’s unprovoked large-scale military aggression launched on Ukraine. The Board of the Association called on all Latvian local governments to raise the national flag of Ukraine at their city or municipality council buildings or another central public place expressing support to the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Board of the Association also called on the Latvian local governments which have twinning municipalities in Ukraine to contact their twinning partners and identify what assistance could be rendered to them in relation to the current crisis.

LALRG is in continued close cooperation with the national authorities to provide coordinated support to people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees who are forced to leave their homeland. Measures have been taken providing for social assistance and social benefits for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Latvia. It includes guaranteed minimum income and crisis benefits, food and hygiene kits, social rehabilitation, employment rights etc.

Our hearts, thoughts and full support is with our friends and colleagues at Асоціація міст України / the Association of Ukrainian Cities and all Ukrainian people

Latvian local governments join nation-wide initiatives in organizing humanitarian assistance and identifying accommodation and job possibilities for Ukrainian refugees in their territories. Several local governments have taken decisions to allocate financial resources to support Ukraine and its people. A number of cities and municipalities have decided to discontinue their twinning agreements with Russian and Belarusian partners.

Local governments and people of Latvia stand with Ukraine from day one of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The unceasing support and solidarity with Ukraine were manifested at 18.00 on 2 March when all 43 local governments responded to the initiative of LALRG to organize simultaneous solidarity meetings. The meetings took place in 135 locations across the country gathering large number of Latvian people and demonstrating that we all stand with Ukrainian people in their fight for independent country.