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“Bridges of Trust”: project succeeding cooperation for sustainable development in Ukrainian municipalities

On February 15 the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) together with the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) and the programme “U-LEAD with Europe” (U-LEAD) have launched the new phase of the “Bridges of Trust” project. This project, in which the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) is actively involved, will promote the cooperation of local governments in the European Union’s Member States with local governments in Ukraine in order to succeed the sustainable development of Ukrainian municipalities. The project will last until September 2023, involving ten associations of local governments in European countries and 60 municipalities from Europe and Ukraine.

The Secretary General of the LALRG, Ms Mudīte Juhna has stressed: “Almost a year ago the Europe and the world has experienced unimaginable cruelty - Russia invaded an independent country, Ukraine, shaking the security situation in the whole world. All this time, Latvia and many, many other countries have help Ukraine on their way to victory. Unfortunately, nothing is over yet, we have to continue provide our help in different ways. Within the framework of the “Bridges of Trust” project we are determined to dedicate both our time and knowledge to work together with other European associations of local and regional governments and their municipalities unified for this one goal - the reconstruction of Ukraine.”

Three municipalities from Latvia are involved in the project. The first one is Kuldīga municipality, which has concluded the cooperation agreement with the municipality of Chuhuiv in Ukraine in the first phase of the “Bridges of Trust” project and will continue its cooperation in the framework of the new initiative. Another ones are Gulbene and Ķekava municipalities, which in the framework of this project will obtain new twinning municipalities in Ukraine. Together with the LALRG, local governments will host representatives of Ukrainian local governments for the study visit, sharing knowledge and best practice examples in order to help Ukrainian local governments in their reconstruction. Likewise, in the framework of this project the LALRG will organise and informative event on funding opportunities available for the cooperation between Latvian and Ukrainian municipalities. This forum will also be as a solidarity event for Ukraine and its people, who have been heroically fighting for the freedom, independence and democratic values of their country and the whole of Europe during these 12 difficult months.

“Bridges of Trust” project is being implemented by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions in partnership with the Association of Ukrainian Cities and is funded by the “U-LEAD with Europe” programme. The aim of the project is to increase cooperation and exchange of best practices, knowledge and skills between municipalities in Ukraine and the European Union. More information about “Bridges of Trust” project can be found on the CEMR’s website.